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Budapest Millenniumi Városközpont K&H Bank headquarters

70.000 m2 office and rental office building, adequate and complete ventilation measurement and adjustment conforming to the increased demands of LEED certification

Kecskemét Mercedes factory

Central building ventilation measurement, adjustment tasks.

Egerszalók Spa

Preparation of expert opinion, as well as ventilation measurements and adjustment works.

This one year long measurement, which included examination and adjustments, was made to support forensic expert opinion. .

Hajdúszoboszló Aqua Palace water park (the biggest indoor pool of Europe)

Ventilation measurement and installation.

Nyíregyháza, TESCO Supermarket

Ventilation measurements and adjustment. Customer: DEBMUT Zrt.

Debrecen, Institute of Nuclear Research

HVAC measurements and adjustments in the laboratory building

Rubin Zrt.

Planning and implementation of ventilation system, ventilation measurements and adjustment

Swimming pool in Újfehértó

Adjustment and measurements

City Court of Füzesabony

Complete implementation of the HVAC system of the court’s new building, ventilation measurements and adjustment. Customer: STRABAG Zrt.

M35 Highway Engineering office, Hajdúböszörmény

Complete implementation of the office building’s HVAC system, ventilation measurements and adjustment. Customer: STRABAG Zrt.

Air flow measurementHVAC measurement • Balancing of the air volume of ventilation systems to the required values
Hydraulic adjustment of heating and cooling equipment